A live auctioneer is known for the Auctioneer’s Chant, his rapid-fire bid solicitation and acceptance technique. It is primarily designed to create excitement and keep the sale of items moving smoothly. Some people believe it is mysterious and confusing, but it is not! This is a legal oral contract: offer, consideration, and acceptance. As an example, here is one. A chair is being offered. Our bid of $10.00 represents the consideration, and we confirm acceptance by declaring it “sold”. A deal has been made, the clerk has recorded the transaction, and now the auctioneer is offering the next item for bidding.

It is exciting to attend a live auction, whether it is at an estate sale or on the homestead. Everything moves along with hands in the air, ring men yipping, and the auctioneer’s chant. The journey may even include a tale or two. Live auctions date back to Homer’s time in Greece. Currently, auction venues honour this ancient tradition, and auctioneers love calling those bids. Give live auctions a try! Quite different, fun… and just might be right for you!

Live Services

Before your auction:

  • Offer initial general advice
  • Assist to coordinate auction items
  • Professional photographs of (most) items
  • Identification – Research – Appraisal
  • Marketing Promotion – creation, printing, and distribution of flyers, posting on Kornelson Auction Facebook Page, posting on 10+ local buy and sell Facebook groups, posting to VarageSale communities, radio advertising, email blasts, etc.

Day of Auction services:

  • Scheduled preview time 1 hour prior to the live auction
  • Ongoing bidder card signup by our staff
  • Minor adjustment and organizing of auction items to enhance bidding
  • Provision of a fully trained live auction staff
  • We accept as payment: Visa – MasterCard – Interac – cash – acceptable cheque

Post-auction services:

  • Expedient and detailed documentation of the sale
  • Prompt Payment

To have your items sold on consignment, contact us.

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