Frequently Asked Questions:

1 – How do I register to bid at your auctions?

To register to bid at our auctions, a staff member will ask you for your first and last name, along with your phone number.

2 – What are forms of payment accepted at the auction?

The forms of payment accepted at the auction will vary depending on the physical location of the auction. If we have access to the Internet, we will accept cash, credit card, Interac, or approved cheques. If we do not have access to a good Internet signal, we may only accept cash and approved cheques.

3 – Can I preview the items before the auction?

Previews are generally allowed an hour before the live auction begins. In some cases, a day and time before the auction date may be set. Please enquire if you’re unsure.

4 – How does the bidding process work?

The bidding process typically starts at a specified time and date, with each participant indicating their bid by raising their hand, calling out their bid, or using their bidding number card. The auctioneer will then recognize and announce the current highest bid until a final bid is reached and the item is sold.

5 – Are additional fees or charges associated with purchasing an item at auction?

Kornelson Auction Service does not charge a buyer’s premium or fee. However, be sure to ask about any additional charges before bidding.

6 – Can I make an absentee bid if I cannot attend the auction in person?

Many auctions allow absentee or proxy bidding, where you can leave a maximum bid and the auction house or auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to that amount. Contact us to find out if this option is available.

7 – Are there any guarantees or warranties on items sold at auction?

Items sold at auction are not guaranteed. They are considered “as found”. In most cases, the seller is on hand to ask questions. Mechanical items are generally started during the auction so the buyer may better understand the conditions.

8 – What is the process for picking up and paying for items after the auction?

The process for picking up items after the auction will vary depending on the auction. In most cases, the preference is for the item(s) to be taken home with you on the same day as the auction. However, if that isn’t possible, arrangements may be made.  Payment, however, must be made prior to removing your items from the auction site.

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