About Kornelson Auction Service

An auctioneer is a professional who conducts auctions by accepting bids from potential buyers and selling items or property to the highest bidder. An auctioneer’s responsibilities include:

  1. Preparing for the auction: This includes researching and cataloging the items or property to be sold, setting a starting bid or reserve price, and promoting the auction to potential buyers.

  2. Conducting the auction: This includes opening the bidding, announcing the current bid, and recognizing and announcing new bids. The auctioneer also has to use their skills to keep the crowd engaged and create a competitive bidding environment.
  3. Closing the auction: This includes announcing the final bid and selling the item or property to the highest bidder, collecting payment, and handling the transfer of ownership.
  4. Post-auction duties: This includes recording the sale, handling any disputes or complaints, and preparing for the next auction.

An auctioneer must have a good knowledge of the items or property they are selling and be able to communicate effectively to attract bidders and create a competitive bidding environment.

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